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STN Student Televison Network The Student Television Network is made up of affiliate schools from coast to coast with an active interest in furthering scholastic broadcasting and video production.
This is a place to connect with pioneering youth, teachers, community and business leaders in California and North America in the creation of the California Digital Arts Studio Partnership Act of 2003. Digital Arts Studio Partnership
This is the film festival KBFT enters every year. Last year KBFT sweept the live action cateogry with a 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners.
A facebook for KBFT Alumni So we can connect
Newsroom@kbft.net This is your direct link to our staff
KBFTsports@kbft.net This is your direct link to our sports staff
ProgramDirector@kbft.net This is your connection to Mr. Hogan
KBFT's Youtube channel Just in case you want more videos

KBFT is the student television station at Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, California. The station was founded in 2001 , and is currently in its eighth school year of operation.

KBFT broadcasts a live, closed-circuit program to all students and staff as well as to a web audience three times per week. The “KBFT Morning News” is a ten to fifteen minute program that includes school announcements, world news, sports, weather and more. The show is run entirely by students. KBFT has received national recognition by STN, the Student Television Network, and has been ranked as the #1 high school news broadcast in the nation in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008. KBFT was also awarded the number one live sports broadcast in the nation in 2007.

In February 2004, KBFT was featured on local station KCRA . The story can be seen on KCRA's web site. KBFT has also been featured numerous times on CW 31 KMAX-TV and on News10 KXTV. In 2006, KXTV started a "What's Cool at School" segment on their morning news program. KBFT was asked to be the first school to produce a segment. This past year, KCRA 3 teamed with High School Playbook to enlist student's as sideline reporters. KBFT's own Trevor Rappleye has quickly become the web site's top viewed high school Sideline Reporter.

Several graduates of Christian Brothers High School who participated in KBFT have pursued careers in both television news and news media. Graduates have worked at local Sacramento stations KOVR, KCRA, Fox 40, KTXL, and the San Diego station KFMB.

KBFT has brought and will continue to bring high quality scholastic broadcasting to the Christian Brothers Community. To schedule a visit contact our program director.













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